We’re sorry to tell that we’ve had to move the event to about the same time next year. Ticket sales were nowhere as good as expected and we blame ourselves for not having enough time to market the event. Pushing the event to next year will give us the time we need.

For those starved on skiing – some of us will still make the trip as planned and we have room in our cars if you’re interested. It will just not be a conference :(

Prepare yourself for another gotoAndSki Flash Camp!

The conference will take place the the historical Grotli hotel which is close to the Stryn Summer Ski slopes.

The format will be the same: Ski, Snowboard orĀ Airboard during the day. Or if you’re not into snow sports visit the beautiful Geiranger fjord which is not far away.

This years event will focus on games and devices, with a workshop (free for attendees) the day before the event. The conference days will consist of networking and social activities during daytime and three sessions each evening.

We have sessions planned for device development (Android/iOS/Playbook), how to use Molehill for games as well as other topics.

The hotel room, a 3 course dinner and breakfast will be included in the conference price. Prices, speakers and more info will be announced soon.

Please help us by spreading the word.

See you in June!


Stryn Summer Ski

Stryn Summer Ski